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Romy Pullover
Romy Pullover
Romy Pullover
Romy Pullover

Romy Pullover

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The longevity of their knits comes down to the care you put int when you wash and dry their garments. So follow the instructions on their label.
However, we tend to hand wash ours.
Make sure you lay it flat to dry in the exact shape you want it to remain in 😉

S/M = size 8-10

M/L= size 12-14

Wooden Ships is a long time favourite of ours and our customers. They are a brand that deals exclusively  in knit wear, making them experts in their field. They only do a number of  blends; this one being  12% wool, 12 mohair, 76% Acrylic.

We wish you could put your arms in the sleeve to feel it's softness. The inclusion of acrylic ensure that the knit maintains it's shape, meaning that you can love it for longer.